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What should I do if the series reactor burns out?

Series reactors (capacitive reactors) are generally connected in series in the circuit of high-voltage power capacitors or capacitor banks. Their role is to suppress higher harmonics, reduce distortion of the network voltage waveform, and restrict the inrush current of the capacitor during split-phase switching. Series reactors (capacitive reactors) often burn out during work as follows:

1. The lead connector of the series reactor (capacitive reactor) is burnt out.

In the work in the power grid, the phenomenon that the lead connector of the series reactor (capacitive reactor) burns out often occurs. That is, the outer insulation, the connection between the outgoing terminal of each phase and the outgoing copper bar are significantly burned, and the lead terminal on the load side of a certain phase is burned and dropped. The capacitor was intact, and the reactor was tested, and no abnormality was found.

After analysis, it is considered that the connection between the winding and the lead is poor. In the work, due to the oscillation, the connection between the winding and the lead is loose, and the contact resistance is too large. After the capacitor combination reactor is put into operation, the terminal connection is abnormally heated, resulting in a further increase in contact resistance. After a vicious cycle The temperature of the junction rises sharply, and the high temperature causes the terminals to burn and arc to cause short circuit between phases. In the design of the reactor, the connection between the winding and the lead should be avoided to avoid the burning of the lead due to loose connection. If bolt connection is used in the design, consideration should be given to avoid bolt rolling, virtual connection, or copper bar to copper bar connection.

2. Burnout analysis of the tap reactor.

Tapped reactor means that one or two taps are drawn on the winding, so that the reactor can be used as two or three reactors with different capacities. When the reactor is working, due to the wrong connection of the reactor lead connector, the gears of the capacitor and the gear on the reactor do not match. The reactor cannot effectively filter out the higher harmonics, and the reactor should not The effect of the reactor is to increase the electric density of the turns of the reactor in the tapped section several times, the temperature rise reaches several hundred K, the core magnetic density is full, and then the reactor winding is burned. Equipment instructions shall be indicated in the instruction manual and outline drawing. On-site equipment personnel must be careful to avoid equipment errors and loosening.