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Electroslag furnace transformer

Electroslag furnace transformer

Product Details

  1,Electroslag furnace transformerOverview

Electric slag furnace is used for remelting and refining steel made by general exercise methods, and single-phase power supply is generally used.

  2 、 Application of electroslag furnace transformer

Production of aviation bearing steel, high temperature alloy, resistance table gold, precision alloys and some non-ferrous metals, etc., can also be used to produce large high-quality alloy steel ingots, large slabs or slabs, and other special shaped castings.

  3 Structure characteristics of electroslag furnace transformer

There is no reactor in the electroslag furnace transformer. Electric slag metallurgy and electric arc steelmaking use different electric arc furnace transformers. When the method of directly adding electrodes and supplementary steel scraps to start the arc and slag, there is only an arc at the beginning stage, and the slag is transformed into a basically arc-free The electroslag process, which continues until the smelting is completed, requires a low no-load voltage and a small impedance voltage for the transformer of the electroslag furnace power supply. The low-voltage voltage of the transformer of the electroslag furnace must have voltage regulation levels.

The voltage regulation methods are: 1, no-excitation and no-load voltage regulation; 2, with excitation and no-load voltage regulation; 3, on-load voltage regulation. No matter what kind of voltage regulation method is selected, it is adjusted by the switch on the high voltage coil.

Technical data