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Electric furnace transformer equipment

Electric furnace transformer equipment

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Electric furnace transformerIn the metallurgical industry, it is used to smelt high-quality alloy copper, ferroalloy, etc. In the chemical industry, it is used to produce yellow phosphorus, calcium carbide, synthetic resin, etc. Used for smelting cast steel and cast iron in the machinery industry. Electric furnace transformer is a professional transformer planned according to various electric furnace working principles, load characteristics and operating characteristics. It includes: steel-making electric arc furnace transformers, ladle refining furnace transformers, electroslag furnace transformers, ore-heat furnace transformers, industrial frequency furnace transformers and other communication furnace transformers and intermediate frequency induction furnace transformers, silicon carbide, graphitization furnace transformers Furnace transformer.

Electric furnace transformers are specially designed to supply power to various electric furnaces. Industrial furnace transformers can be roughly divided into 3 categories: resistance furnace transformers, arc furnace transformers and induction furnace transformers.

The electric furnace transformers produced by our company are divided into two categories: one is the standard type electric furnace transformer planned to be produced according to the current Chinese standards: the other is based on the standard electric furnace transformer based on the characteristics of various types of electric furnace exercise work, improve the exercise efficiency, and reduce the induction New energy-saving electric furnace transformer developed and planned based on the principle of power consumption and enhanced operational reliability.