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What is the kneading equipment of mine furnace transformer?

With the continuous acceleration of China's industrialization process, especially the increasing demand for electricity, the demand for mine furnace transformers and transmission cables has suddenly increased, which provides a greater market space for kneading equipment. The Kneading Engineering Research Center of Dalian Jiaotong University is constantly innovating in terms of skills, gradually adding the types and specifications of kneading equipment, and successfully forming the Lianjie Science and Trade Company, which has embarked on a road of integration of science, industry and trade.

It is understood that the kneading equipment is mainly used in the mass production of aluminum and copper materials required for TV transmission, refrigeration, high-voltage wires, automobile air conditioning, and electrified railways. The research team led by Professor Song Baoyun, Director of the Kneading Engineering Research Center of Dalian University, has always pursued this advanced skill. After the 90 years of the last century, British companies have developed equipment for the production of copper flat wires, which have a high market share in the world market. Due to the high price of this equipment, only a few sets have entered the Chinese market.

With the spirit of independent innovation, our country's skilled personnel broke the monopoly of kneading skills abroad and completed the "localization" of the kneading equipment required for the production of copper flat wires for mine furnace transformers. The kneading skills were invented by scientists in the laboratory of the British Atomic Energy Authority in 1971. Two British companies were allowed to use this production skill to develop and sell special equipment and began to use aluminum production.

The copper flat wire used in China's mine furnace transformers has always used the production process of first rolling, then drawing, and then quenching. The product quality is low, the cost is high, and the raw material is more spoiled. After using the kneading skills, the product length is no longer limited, and the raw material utilization rate can reach 97%. In the past, it was impossible to produce copper kneading equipment in China. Now the price of domestic kneading equipment is only equivalent to one-fifth of the imported equipment, and the competition advantage is very obvious.