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Classification and differences of special transformers

Selecting a suitable winding machine is the key to producing coils. As a basic equipment, there are many types of winding machines. This article mainly takes the special transformer winding machine as an example to talk about its classification and differences. According to the capacity, common CNC winding machines, automatic winding machines, foil winding machines and vertical winding machines are common.

1. General CNC winding machine

The general CNC winding machine is our common winding equipment. This series of products has a wide coverage. There are small and medium-sized models and heavy and large models. The control system generally uses single-chip circuits because of the low price, stable function and convenient protection Features, widely used in transformer manufacturers.

2. Automatic winding machine

The emergence of automatic winding machine greatly reduces the winding strength of the operator. Our common automatic winding machines generally use CNC controllers. High-end models use PLC and precision servo systems to meet the needs of modern electrical. Now automatic winding The speed of the wire machine is getting higher and higher, and the processing ability is also improving. The wire tensioning mechanism is used to make the wound coil beautiful and tidy.

3. Foil winding machine

The foil winding machine is mainly used for winding foil coils. Its structure and function are much more complicated than the general winding machine. Tension control and foil tape deviation correction are the key technologies of the foil winding machine. There is still a certain distance between Shanghai and imported equipment. Domestic manufacturers have relatively high investment and attention in this regard, and technical problems are gradually being dealt with.

4. Vertical winding machine

We may not be familiar with vertical winding machine. It belongs to special equipment. Vertical winding machine is used for winding high-voltage coils in large transformers. Vertical winding machine is also used for low-voltage spiral coils. The working principle and processing scale are completely different from our common parallel winding machine. Now the vertical winding machine is further developed to large-scale, and the load-bearing ability is also continuously improved, so that the winding production reaches a new level. For more general knowledge of special transformers, please visit the official website of Xingyi Special Transformers.