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Development of special transformers in my country

The future development direction of China's transformers is still energy saving, low noise, fire and explosion prevention, and high reliability. Therefore, high-quality low-loss magnetically permeable materials, winding machines with axial amplitude compression equipment, vapor-phase drying equipment, and stepwise shears are used. Advanced production equipment such as line is very important.

The development of the transformer manufacturing process mainly combines the characteristics of new products and new structures, researching the process that is accustomed to it, and focusing on the development and application of new materials and new equipment to continuously improve the quality and reliability of products, but the research of these new processes Development requires a lot of capital investment and increase in production costs.

To makeSpecial transformerThe no-load loss coefficient is as low as possible. The silicon steel sheets used are all cold-rolled high-quality silicon steel sheets, and the sheet type is getting thinner and thinner. In order to reduce unnecessary man-hours and losses during lamination, most manufacturers in China have now chosen not to stack yokes. Iron core banding should gradually promote the iron core banding machine. The process and tooling touched by the coil manufacturing should ensure lower load loss, higher ability to withstand short circuit mechanical force and better dissipation function. Large-scale products need to use semi-hard wires to improve mechanical strength.

The new type of distribution transformers that are now recommended for use in the transformation of urban power grids and rural power grids; there are also wound iron core transformers, amorphous alloy transformers, arc furnace transformers, hermetically sealed transformers, electric furnace transformers, intermediate frequency furnace transformers, combined transformers, dry type Transformers, high ignition point oil transformers, SF 6 gas insulated transformers, etc. The production process of these transformers can basically borrow the production process of the above-mentioned large-scale transformers.

In order to get used to and meet the market needs, many transformer manufacturers have introduced advanced production technology and equipment from abroad to further improve the product structure and improve product functions. They have made unremitting efforts in the exploration of new processes and new materials to adapt to the development of transformers Need. These transformers are generally used in the transmission of large power stations or power, and their reliability is crucial. Therefore, the manufacturer has taken many measures to improve the function and distribution of electricity, magnetism, heat, and force.

In terms of insulation parts processing, in order to ensure the functions of insulation, heat dissipation and resistance to mechanical forces, qualified companies should purchase equipment for insulation processing centers. Lead wire welding is now widely used in resistance brazing by flame needle welding or brazing machine. Some large enterprises in China choose cold pressure welding, and high frequency brazing is still blank in China.