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Ladle refining furnace transformer

Ladle refining furnace transformer

Product Details

  1. Overview of refining furnace transformers

The ladle refining furnace transformer is a kind of electric furnace transformer with low output voltage, large current, stable arc and small current fluctuation. In order to adapt to changes in furnace conditions, transformers are selected with precision on-load voltage regulation.

  2. The use of refining furnace transformer

Ladle refining furnace transformer is a special transformer designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of ladle refining process. Need to meet the requirements of refined oil furnace for precise adjustment of heating rate and voltage, and stable operation. In addition, we also produce power frequency furnace transformers for melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electro-slag furnace transformers for aviation bearing steel, high-temperature alloys, resistance table gold, precision alloys and certain non-ferrous metals. Users are welcome to choose purchase!

Transformer is a kind of stopped electrical equipment used to change AC voltage and current and transmit AC energy. It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction to complete the transfer of electrical energy. Transformers can be divided into power transformers, test transformers, instrument transformers and special-purpose transformers in terms of their use: power transformers are necessary equipment for power transmission and distribution and power user distribution.

  3. Refining furnace transformer skill data