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IF furnace transformer

IF furnace transformer

Product Details

IF furnace transformer overview

The intermediate frequency furnace transformer is a transformer that supplies rectified power for the intermediate frequency electric furnace. According to the load characteristics of the intermediate frequency electric furnace, the transformer has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, low harmonic current, and good cooling effect. Intermediate frequency furnace transformers have relatively high requirements for products, oil cooling, protect and extend the life of the equipment, there will be no heat \ fire and other phenomena, oil immersed transformers are recommended to use under poor working environment and strong corrosion components in the air.

The intermediate frequency furnace transformer breaks through the traditional planar structure and uses a three-phase symmetrical three-dimensional structure. The three-phase iron core magnetic circuit of the product is completely symmetrical, the magnetic resistance is greatly reduced, and the excitation current and no-load loss are significantly reduced. But the operation noise is lower, the structure is more compact and efficient energy-saving transformer. Its excellent performance in energy saving and consumption reduction, material saving and environmental protection is in full compliance with China's energy saving policy.

IF furnace transformer product features:

  1. Energy saving: no-load loss reduction 40% — 50%, load loss reduction 7%-10%;

  2. Reduce line loss: no-load current is reduced by 90%;

  3. Ultra-quiet: noise reduction by 10-15 dB;

  4. No disturbance: magnetic flux leakage is reduced by 50%;

  5. Saving raw materials: the cost of copper and iron is reduced by 20%-30%;

  6. Obvious economic benefits: The cost of power conversion in ten years is reduced by {{2}. 2% than the new S 9.

Technical data of intermediate frequency furnace transformer