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What role does the special transformer have?

The transformer is used to change the setting of the communication voltage, which is made of iron core and coil wire. It can change not only the voltage of the communication power, but also the impedance, and the current when the design power is not exceeded. In different environments, the usefulness of transformers is also different:

  1 In the electronic amplifying circuit, in order to reach the two-line amplifying, the transmission energy consumption is low, and impedance matching should be carried out. Connecting with a transformer can change the impedance.

  2 Sometimes, different voltages are needed in an environment, and the transformer can be made into multi-winding or middle-tap type. In turn, multiple voltages occur.

  3, long-distance input electrical lines, in order to reduce line losses, the electricity from the power plant must be boosted to tens of thousands of volts (such as 11 KV), and then lowered when reaching the destination Pressure (such as 220 V).

  4 In electric welding, the current required between the electrode and the weldment is large (tens to hundreds of amperes), and the voltage is very small (several volts). The welding machine is a transformer, which turns high voltage (such as 220 V) into low voltage. Without changing the power, a large current occurs at the output.

  5 In the communication voltage regulator, the number of turns of the output coil is changed instantly to achieve the purpose of regulating the output voltage.

Special transformers are transformers with special uses. In general, special transformers have other uses besides communication voltage conversion. For example, changing the frequency of the power supply, the power supply of the rectification equipment, the power supply of the welding equipment, etc., because the operating conditions and load conditions of these transformers are different from those of the general transformers, they cannot be accounted for by the general transformer accounting method. At the same time, the raw materials, functions and uses of special transformers are different from conventional transformers.