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Power frequency furnace transformer

Power frequency furnace transformer

Product Details

  1. Overview of industrial frequency furnace transformer

The power frequency induction furnace directly uses the power frequency power supply and uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to melt the metal. Widely used in the melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and various high-brand cast iron, malleable cast iron, ductile iron, etc.

  2. Structural characteristics of power frequency furnace transformer

The power supply of the power frequency furnace transformer is stable, and there is generally no overload requirement. In order to improve the low and hard external characteristics of power impedance voltage, the structural design features are similar to power transformers of the same capacity, only the voltage regulation method and voltage regulation range are different. Power frequency induction furnace transformer is a special transformer for electric furnace supporting metal that uses the principle of power frequency electromagnetic induction to heat metal. It is widely used in metal melting and heat preservation occasions.

Transformer is a kind of equipment that uses electromagnetic mutual induction to transform voltage, current and impedance. The basic form of a transformer consists of two sets of wire-wound coils, and they are called together inductively. According to usage, it can be divided into: power transformers and special transformers (electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, power frequency test transformer, voltage regulator, mining transformer, audio transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, high frequency transformer, impact transformer, instrument transformer, electronic transformer) , Reactors, transformers, etc.), the transformer is running at a low position, and the industrial strength needs to be increased.

Technical data of power frequency furnace transformer