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The importance of special transformer materials for its development

Special equipment for special transformers is the material basis for transformer manufacturing companies to innovate in technology, develop products, improve quality, increase power, save energy and reduce consumption, improve efficiency, update equipment and enhance competitiveness. To manufacture high-quality, high-function transformers, it is necessary to use high-quality, high-function transformer special equipment. The expansion of the transformer market is undoubtedly the gospel of special equipment.

The future market is full of opportunities and temptations for special transformer special equipment manufacturers. Industry experts predict that by 2005, 60% of transformer products will reach the international level at the end of the 20 century 20, 10% Reached the international contemporary level. Transformer products will continue to develop rapidly during the period of 00 10 0 10 quot; Eleventh Five-Year 00 10 0 10 quot ;.

The reason why special transformers have developed so well is inseparable from his materials. Let's understand what kinds of materials it has:

  1, core material

The iron core materials used in special transformers mainly include iron sheets, low silicon sheets, and high silicon sheets. Adding silicon to the steel sheet can reduce the conductivity of the steel sheet and add resistivity. It can reduce eddy current and reduce its loss. We generally call the silicon steel sheet with silicon as the silicon steel sheet. The quality of the silicon steel sheet used for the transformer has a great relationship. The quality of the silicon steel sheet is generally expressed by the magnetic flux density B. The value of the general black iron sheet is 6000-8000, low silicon wafer is 9000-11000, high silicon wafer is 12000-16000,

  2, materials commonly used for winding transformers

Enameled wire, yarn covered wire, silk covered paper covered wire, very commonly used enameled wire. The requirements for the conductors are good electrical conductivity, and the insulating varnish layer has a heat-resistant function and must have a certain corrosion resistance. In general, it is good to use QZ model high-strength polyester enameled wire.

  3, insulating material

In the winding transformer, the insulation between the coil structure layer and the insulation between the winding resistance should use insulating materials. The general transformer structure material can be made of phenolic paperboard, epoxy board, or paperboard. Polyester film, telephone paper, 6520 composite paper, etc. can be used as barriers between layers, and yellow wax cloth or imine film can be used as barriers between winding layers.

  4, impregnation material

After the transformer is wound, there is a very later process, which is to impregnate the insulating paint, which can enhance the mechanical strength of the transformer, improve the insulation function, and extend the service life. In general, cresol varnish can be used as the impregnating material or 0}} Insulating paint, resin paint.