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Market Prospect of Transformer Temperature Control System

At the end of the 20 century 80, when the platinum thermal resistance temperature control system first appeared, it was a common electronic circuit, a non-intelligent structure, and its function was relatively simple, with only the functions of appearance and thermal maintenance. Later, in order to complete the remote transmission and control of the temperature signal, a 4 ~ 20 mA current output was added to the temperature control system to make the temperature control system have the function of a temperature transmitter, which is synchronized at the same time during temperature measurement Output temperature signal.

At the beginning of the 90 years, most of electronic instrument products used microelectronics skills for upgrading. Their technical characteristics are that while they have rich appearance functions, they greatly improve the reliability of products. The temperature control system of the refining furnace transformer has also developed with this general trend. Many thermostat manufacturers have developed XMT series single-chip intelligent temperature control systems.

The application field of the refining furnace transformer is continuously expanding, and the function of the temperature control system has been continuously improved. On the basis of the original functions, functions such as sound and light alarm, manual fan operation, manual silencer, manual trip, and "black box" appear. With the development of the power industry, the planning level of the temperature control system has also been improved and improved accordingly. The first three temperature control systems have been gradually eliminated, and platinum thermal resistance temperature control systems have been greatly developed.

Subsequently, in order to further improve the operation management level of the power system, a temperature control system with a computer communication interface appeared, so that the temperature control system can communicate with an external monitoring system. With the development of communication skills, the interface was first used to output information to the data processing system, but was restricted by some conditions, and was gradually replaced by an interface with a simplified structure, convenient completion, and easy maintenance. The temperature control system of most precision welding furnace transformers can transmit the three-phase patrol display temperature value, running status information and set special temperature value to the monitoring center through the communication interface. Make corrections.

The development of refining furnace transformer temperature control system has driven the development of other transformers. The intermediate frequency furnace transformer is very obvious, the development road is extremely broad, and the market prospect is very impressive.