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Rectifier transformer for silicon carbide graphite electric furnace

Rectifier transformer for silicon carbide graphite electric furnace

Product Details

Rectifier transformers for silicon carbide and graphite furnaces are widely used in lighting, machine tool electrical appliances, mechanical and electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectification installation, etc. Product performance can meet various special requirements of users.

1. Electrochemical industry This is an industry that uses a lot of rectification, electrolysis of non-ferrous metal compounds to produce aluminum, magnesium, copper and other metals; electrolytic salt to produce chlor-alkali; electrolytic water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.

Second, the traction DC power supply is used in the DC power grid of mines or urban electric locomotives. Because the valve side is connected to the overhead line, there are many short-circuit faults, and the DC load variation is large, and the electric locomotive often starts, causing short-term overload to varying degrees. For this reason, the temperature rise limit and current density of this type of transformer are both low. The impedance is about 30% larger than the corresponding power transformer.

Third, the DC power supply for transmission is mainly used to supply power to the DC motor in the electric drive, such as the armature and excitation of the rolling mill.

4. This type of rectifier transformer for DC transmission, the voltage of the smelting transformer is generally above 110 kV, and the capacity is tens of thousands of kilovolt-amperes. Special attention should be paid to the AC and DC superposition of ground insulation. In addition, there are DC power supplies for electroplating or electrical processing, DC power supplies for excitation, DC power supplies for charging and electrostatic dust removal, etc.

Technical data of rectifier transformer for silicon carbide and graphite electric furnace