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Magnetic voltage regulating equipment

Magnetic voltage regulating equipment

Product Details

  1. Product Introduction of Magnetic Voltage Regulator

Magnetic voltage regulator is a kind of voltage regulator without mechanical transmission and contactless, which can drive the load for smooth stepless voltage regulation. The voltage regulation is controlled by DC current, which can be open-loop manual control, and can also complete closed-loop automatic control according to different control signals. It is an actuator in the automatic control system.

The Scott magnetic voltage regulator is a three-phase to two-phase magnetic voltage regulator, which can regulate the output voltage of two single-phase loads together, and can independently regulate the output voltage according to the different requirements of the two single-phase loads.

  2. Product use of magnetic pressure regulating equipment

This product is suitable for thermal processing, heat treatment, electroplating, speed regulation, etc. It is widely used in dry salt bath furnace, vacuum furnace, electric slag furnace, glass electric melting furnace, single crystal, polycrystalline furnace, cracking furnace and various resistance furnaces.

The magnetic voltage regulator is a device integrated with a reactor and a power transformer for the furnace, and uses a low-power DC current to adjust the magnetic characteristics, thereby adjusting the working voltage and power steplessly. Magnetic voltage regulator is a high-resistance soft external characteristic power supply device with high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, easy to complete automatic control and other advantages. It is widely used in industrial furnaces such as salt-bath furnaces, vacuum furnaces, single and polycrystalline furnaces, vertical melting furnaces, cracking furnaces, and more and more widely used in glass aluminum silicate refractory fiber electric furnaces.

  3. The meaning of magnetic voltage regulating equipment type

  4. Skill data of magnetic voltage regulating equipment