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What are the main development aspects of electroslag furnace transformers?

With the rapid development of China's national economy, the demand for electricity is also increasing. As the main equipment in the transmission and transformation system-transformers have also made great progress. In order to adapt to and meet market demands, many manufacturers have introduced advanced production technology and equipment from abroad to continuously improve product structure and improve product functions, and have made unremitting efforts in exploring new processes and materials. right nowElectroslag furnace transformerMainly develop in two aspects.

Many manufacturers do not pay attention to the processing of insulation parts. The insulation workshop environment is not good, so it is difficult to ensure the insulation strength of the coil. Some small enterprises even share the same equipment for the processing of insulation parts and metal parts. Should be constant temperature and constant humidity. High-density cardboard is used for insulating cardboard, otherwise it needs to be densified. Most manufacturers can do this. In this way, the functions of insulation, heat dissipation and resistance to mechanical forces can be ensured. It is necessary to remove the hair and chamfer the brace. Conditions should increase the equipment of insulation processing center.

There are more insulation and mechanical accidents caused by lead problems in the quality incidents of the electroslag furnace transformer, so pay special attention to the lead processing. Lead welding is now widely used in flame brazing, or resistance brazing of brazing machines. Some large enterprises choose cold pressure welding. Now most of foreign countries choose cold pressure welding or high frequency brazing. Is blank. The length of the lead must be moderate, that is, it should not be too tight to cause vibration and stress, and should not be too long to avoid vibration and short circuit discharge.

There are many factors that affect the amount of partial discharge, but the cleanliness of the body is a very important part. Only by using kerosene vapor phase drying can the body be thoroughly washed out during the drying process, and the drying effect is very good. The fully-automatic vapor-phase drying equipment that the change is engaged in is a very advanced equipment that can guarantee the function at present.