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Development trend of intermediate frequency furnace transformer

along withIF furnace transformerWith the continuous expansion of the application field, the functions of the temperature control system have been continuously improved. On the basis of the original functions, functions such as sound and light alarm, manual fan operation, manual silencer, manual trip, and "black box" appear.

Subsequently, in order to further improve the operation management level of the power system, a temperature control system with a computer communication interface appeared, so that the temperature control system can communicate with an external monitoring system. With the development of communication skills, the RS 232 interface was first used to output information to the data processing system, but was restricted by some conditions, and was gradually simplified by the structure, convenient to complete, and easy to maintain. RS 485 interface Replaced. The temperature control system of most intermediate frequency furnace transformers can transmit the three-phase patrol display temperature value, transformer operation status information and the set special temperature value to the monitoring center through the communication interface. The monitoring center can also set the temperature of the temperature control system Make corrections.

With the development of society, the power system's requirements for transmission and distribution equipment are getting higher and higher. Intelligent power equipment has been valued by people, and its reliability and stability have been paid attention by people in the industry. 1. The transformation of the rural power grid has brought rare opportunities to the transformer industry, which has also brought opportunities for the development and improvement of transformer components.

The application fields of intermediate frequency furnace transformers continue to expand, and people have put forward more and higher requirements for the centralized monitoring of the operation status of transformers. The installed intermediate frequency furnace transformer has the problems of diversified distribution types, large gaps between each other, unattended and multiple sets of monitoring systems. If the temperature control system still uses a single wired communication method, it is difficult to meet the requirements in many cases. Networking, intelligence, integration and standardization of communication are the development trends in this world. For different applications, the temperature control system should also improve the communication structure, and try to be as diverse as possible and use standardized communication methods.

For example, a temperature control system can be equipped with multiple communication interfaces and can carry out multiple baud rate transmissions, or select advanced fieldbus skills, wireless data transmission skills, infrared remote control, telemetry skills, etc. Adaptability to improve its compatibility.