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Rectifier transformer equipment

Rectifier transformer equipment

Product Details

  1. Overview

Rectifier transformer equipment is the power supply required to convert the grid power supply to the rectifier equipment,IF furnace transformerWidely used in frequency conversion, electrochemical electrolysis, traction, transmission, DC transmission, electroplating, charging, excitation, electrostatic dust removal and general industrial rectifier power supply.

  2. Principles and characteristics

In the chemical industry where rectification transformers are widely used, high-power rectification equipment is also low in secondary voltage and large in current. Therefore, they are similar to electric furnace transformers in many respects. have.

The great feature of the rectifier and transformer equipment is that the secondary current is not sinusoidal. Because of the unidirectional conduction characteristics of the subsequent rectifier elements, the phase lines are no longer together, and the load current flows instead of the soft current. The pulsating current in one direction passes The filtering equipment becomes direct current, and the secondary voltage and current of the rectifying transformer equipment are not only related to the capacity connection group, such as the commonly used three-phase bridge rectifier circuit, the double-reverse rectifier circuit with balanced reactor, about the same DC output voltage The secondary voltage and current of the rectifier transformer equipment required for the current are different, so the parameter calculation of the rectifier transformer equipment is conditional on the rectifier line. Generally, the parameter calculation is calculated from the secondary side to the primary side. .

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