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The role of three-phase isolation transformer

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; three-phase isolation transformers with two or more independent coils can be called Isolation transformers, because the primary and secondary are completely separated (isolated), transfer energy through a magnetic field. The role of the isolation transformer is to safely use electricity. Because after separation, it is impossible for people to receive "in front of the mains", relatively speaking, it becomes safe.

First of all, we must first understand our country's power supply system. When supplying low-voltage users, China's power supply system generally adopts a three-phase four-wire system, and the neutral wire is grounded. The common point is the wire to the residents' house, one is the phase wire (front ), The other one is the neutral line, which has the same status as the earth. When the human body touches the hot bottom plate, it will cause the current to pass through the human body and form a loop with the earth, causing electric shock damage. If an isolation transformer is used, it will be safer. .

Because the primary and secondary exchange energy through the magnetic field, there is no physical hard connection, even if the human body touches a charged object, because the human body and the ground have the same status, the potential of the charged part is low, which will not cause electric shock damage.

Three-phase isolation transformers generally require negative electrode grounding for amorphous silicon thin-film components (negative electrode grounding is to prevent polarization and corrosion). The inverter power switch is turned on randomly. If there is no isolation transformer, the grid will definitely appear. A relatively short circuit condition, so in the application of amorphous silicon thin-film module grid-connected power generation, for safety function requirements, it is necessary to require an isolation transformer between the communication side and the power grid.

Therefore, if the photovoltaic cell module is an amorphous silicon module, the inverter output needs an isolation transformer; if it is a monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon module, the inverter output also needs an isolation transformer. The output voltage of a certain brand inverter is 480 v, our country ’s industrial power (three-phase power) is 380 v, it is necessary to use a transformer to change the 480 v to { {1}} v.