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Points for attention in the operation and maintenance of electric furnace transformers

In the storage, transportation or operation and maintenance of transformer insulating oil, if the quality of the oil is poor or the impurities and moisture are too much, the insulation strength will be reduced. When the insulation strength decreases to a certain value, the transformer will short-circuit and cause sparks, arcs, or dangerous temperatures. Therefore, the transformer should be tested for oil quality regularly during operation, and unqualified oil should be replaced in time.

Avoid the aging damage of the iron core insulation of the electric furnace transformer: the aging of the core insulation or the damage of the clamping bolt sleeve will cause a large eddy current in the core, causing the core to heat for a long time to form the insulation aging. Avoid careless damage to the insulation during maintenance: When the transformer is suspending the core, care should be taken to maintain the coil or insulation sleeve. If any damage is found, it should be dealt with in time.

Poor contact of the internal connectors of the coil, the connection points between the coils, the contacts leading to the high and low voltage side bushings, and the fulcrums of the tap changer are in poor contact, local overheating may occur, damage to the insulation, short circuit or open circuit. At this time, the high temperature arc will cause the insulating oil to differentiate, a lot of gas will be generated, and the pressure in the transformer will increase. When the pressure exceeds the maintenance value of the gas circuit breaker without tripping, an explosion will occur.

If the coil or load of the electric furnace transformer is short-circuited, the transformer will bear a considerable short-circuit current. If the maintenance system fails or the maintenance setting is too large, it may burn the transformer. For this reason, a reliable short-circuit maintenance installation must be installed. Adhere to good grounding: For low-voltage systems that are selected for maintenance and zero connection, the neutral point of the low-voltage side of the transformer should be directly grounded. When the three-phase load is unbalanced, current will appear on the zero line. When this current is too large and the contact resistance is large, the junction will appear high temperature, igniting the surrounding combustible materials.

Therefore, the partial discharge of the transformer is small, and at the same time, it has higher electrical strength under the same insulation scale. It can extinguish even if it is lit by an open flame. It does not contain any toxins, even after burning, it will not release harmful gases, the temperature of the burning smoke is not high, and the transparency is high. In addition, it will not harm people, equipment and the environment during manufacturing, transportation, storage and operation.