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What is a three-phase isolation transformer?

Three-phase isolation transformerIt is a safe power supply in theory. It is generally used for machine repair and maintenance, and plays the role of protection, lightning protection and filtering. The three-phase isolation transformer is a 1 / 1 transformer. The primary single-phase 220 V, the secondary is also single-phase 220 V. Or the primary three-phase 380 V, and the secondary three-phase 380 V.

First of all, we usually use one line of AC power voltage connected to the ground, and the other line has a potential difference of 220 V between the ground and the ground. Touching will cause electric shock. The secondary of the three-phase isolation transformer is not connected to the earth, and there is no potential difference between any two wires and the earth. There is no electric shock when a person touches any line, which is safer.

Secondly, the output end and input end of the three-phase isolation transformer are completely "open" isolated, which effectively plays a good role in filtering the input end of the transformer (the power supply voltage supplied by the power grid). Thus, a pure power supply voltage is supplied to the electrical equipment. Another use is to prevent interference. It can be widely used in the transmission and distribution of subways, high-rise buildings, machine stations, docks, industrial and mining enterprises and tunnels.

The three-phase isolation transformer refers to a transformer in which the input winding and the output winding are electrically isolated from each other, to prevent the danger caused by accidentally touching the charged body (or metal parts that may be charged due to insulation damage) and ground at the same time. Its principle Similar to the ordinary dry-type transformer, it also uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, which mainly isolates the primary power circuit and the secondary circuit floats to the ground to ensure the safety of electricity use.

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