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How to confirm the power of the salt bath furnace transformer?

The electrode salt bath furnace introduces low-voltage (5. 5 ~ 36 volt) high-current alternating current into the furnace through the metal electrode, and the current flows through the salt solution to generate heat. The salt solution is both a heating element and a medium for heating the workpiece. The temperature of the salt solution varies according to the composition of the salt solution, and is generally between 1 5 0 and 1300 ° C. The effect of the magnetic field can make the salt liquid circulate and turn, which is conducive to the uniform temperature of the salt liquid and can increase the heating speed of the workpiece. The electrode salt bath furnace is composed of electrodes, refractory furnace lining, sealed metal furnace pot, thermal insulation layer and furnace shell, and is powered by a special salt bath furnace transformer. Because the solid salt is not conductive, the starter electrode is first powered when the furnace is turned on. A part of the salt is first melted by using the resistance of the starter electrode to heat, and then the main electrode is connected to make the current work through the molten salt to heat.

How to confirm the power of the salt bath furnace transformer?

Heating temperature, furnace volume and production volume per hour are the three primary technical parameters of the salt bath furnace, from which the volume of the furnace is confirmed. The formula is as follows:

N=KV type: N--the power of the salt bath furnace V ---- the volume of molten salt K--the required power coefficient of the cubic decimeter furnace (KW / dm cubic) K value of the low temperature furnace is 0.5-0. }}, 0.8-1 for medium-temperature furnace and 1-1 for high-temperature furnace.

Salt bath furnace transformers are used in salt bath furnaces as power supplies for heat treatment of mechanical parts. Due to the low voltage and high current output of this transformer, for the sake of safety and fire prevention, dry self-cooling (also water-cooled) structure methods are used. The secondary winding is selected with bare copper wire winding, and the number of turns is small, even only 1- 3 turns. The winding mode is concentric. In order to facilitate the connection of the lead wire and the parallel branch, the pawn winding is placed outside the high-voltage winding.