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What are the structural characteristics of electric furnace transformers?

The transformer is a power installation that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert alternating current into different parameters such as voltage and current. That is electromotive force magnetism, dynamic magnetoelectricity.

Transformers are important for three grounding methods: enclosure, surge arrester, and neutral. These three points are the basic three elements of transformer installation. During this period, the neutral ground is particularly good, and the contact surface must be particularly good. It is required to reach 4 euros or less, and is satisfied with various technical requirements.

If irresponsible, Gaodianya will burn electrical equipment, and 30% of the voltage. Both production and life are unfavorable. The neutral line, ground line, ground body, equipotential, maintenance ground line, maintenance zero line, the connection between the neutral line and the phase line, this is the basic theoretical knowledge of power supply and power consumption. The importance of maintaining transformers is obvious.

Electric furnace transformerThe structural characteristics are as follows:

The iron core of the electric furnace transformer is made of high-quality oriented silicon steel sheet, fully automatic cutting line processing, 45 degree full oblique seam, no punching, no weft glass tape binding process. The coil adopts the internationally updated main longitudinal insulation structure. Reasonably select the structure and insulation of the winding to ensure that the winding has satisfactory mechanical strength. It has the characteristics of strong short circuit resistance, strong overload capacity, high efficiency, low loss, safety and reliability.

The working principle of the electric furnace transformer. Electric furnace transformer is the power transformer of steel-making electric arc furnace. The capacity of the electric furnace transformer depends on the size of the electric arc furnace and the configuration of the tempering process. After adjusting the pressure, you can satisfy the requirements of the exercise process. Voltage conditioning can be divided into load voltage conditioning and non-excitation voltage conditioning. Large-scale furnace transformers with on-load voltage regulation have no series reactors, and small and medium-sized furnace transformers without excitation voltage regulation can be divided into two structures with series reactors and no reactors. The impedance can be changed at higher two voltages. The former changes the impedance through the input and removal of the series reactor. The latter changes the impedance of the high-voltage winding by changing the connection method of the transformer itself.