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Voltage regulation method of arc furnace transformer

Recently, TBEA announced the 2005 annual report, with average results in the first half of the year and no highlights. Similarly, Xu Ji's semi-annual report showed that although the main business revenue increased by 7. 56% compared with the same period last year, the profit decreased by 20. 65% During this period, the profit of the transformer business declined significantly. Influenced by factors such as rising raw material prices and increased financing costs.

The characteristic of the transformer manufacturing industry is that the delivery cycle is relatively long, generally in 3 ~ {{1}} months, and even longer than 1 years. Some of the contracts of large-scale enterprises such as TBEA and Tianwei Baobian have even been signed for 2007 years. The production task of Xidian Group, another major transformer manufacturer in China, is also full.

A special electric arc furnace transformer for powering electric arc furnaces for steel training. Large capacity, complex structure, and high skill requirements. The secondary voltage is low, generally from tens of volts to hundreds of volts, and requires a large range of conditioning; the secondary current often reaches thousands to tens of thousands of amperes. In addition, in the steel exercise, the melting period requires high power, requiring the transformer to have 2 0% overload in 2 hours. In the steelmaking process, because the collapse of the furnace charge simply forms an electrode short circuit, the primary side of the arc furnace transformer should be stringed into a current limiting reactor or have a larger impedance to restrict the short circuit current.

The operation of the electric furnace also requires that the power supply transformer can regulate the voltage. There are two methods of voltage regulation for electric furnace transformers.

On the original winding of the arc furnace transformer, the tap is connected to the tap switch. △ -Y can also be used to switch between the primary three phases to complete the secondary voltage regulation. △ -Y switching is a very economical method of voltage regulation. Without changing the number of turns on the primary side, the secondary voltage can be reduced to the original {{2}} /. Because each phase winding has 9 taps, plus △ -Y changeover, a total of 2 × 9, that is, {{2} 8 levels of voltage can be obtained.

The main transformer 1 is a three-winding transformer, and the 1 winding is a high-voltage winding, which is connected to the power grid; {{2}} winding is a tapped winding, which is connected in series with a fire switch The primary winding of the transformer II {{{3}} is connected in series; the 3 winding is connected in series with the secondary winding of the transformer II {{5}} in series to supply power to the electric furnace load. By changing the primary voltage of the series transformer II through the fire switch, the output voltage of the 3 and {{5}} windings can be changed. The 3 and {{5}} windings connected to the load are generally as long as 1 ~ {{2}} turns, generally made of copper or aluminum plate {{ 12}} Zigzag coil.

However, the product prices in the contract are all calculated based on the raw material prices at that time, and most manufacturers have not expected that the price of raw materials will rise so rapidly. Therefore, its achievements are not fully reflected. Recently, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation adjusted the sales prices of some products in this 9 month. Under the scenario of the price reduction of various steel products, the price of oriented silicon steel sheets has increased by 2000 / ton, and further price increases are not excluded perhaps.