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How to prevent the salt bath furnace transformer from getting damp?

With regard to transformer equipment, it is necessary to avoid the intrusion of moisture and moisture. Special transformers require better insulation for transformers, and attention should be paid to later use and maintenance methods. So how do we avoid the damp when using the salt bath furnace transformer?

  1. After the transformer is purchased, the power supply bureau should be asked to do a handover experiment.

  2. When installing the salt bath furnace transformer, it is strictly prohibited to connect with the copper guide rod of the transformer with aluminum stranded wire, aluminum row, etc., so as to avoid corrosion of the guide rod.

  3. Install a moisture absorber immediately. Transformers with a capacity of 100 KVA and above are equipped with a moisture absorber. Once the salt bath furnace transformer is transported to the site, a moisture absorber should be installed to prevent the internal body from being damp.

  4. When ordering, attention should be paid to minimize the storage time of the transformer before power transmission. After the transformer is manufactured, it is extremely susceptible to moisture during storage. The longer the storage time is, the more serious the moisture is.

  5. Small transformers with a capacity of 100 kVA and below, without moisture absorber equipment. The oil in the oil pillow is susceptible to moisture, and the oil pillow accumulates water. The oil in the oil pillow of the transformer has been severely dampened if it has been stored for more than six months without power transmission or has been put into operation for more than one year. If you want to carry out lifting and transportation, maintenance and refueling, oil valve draining, hanging core, etc., you should first drain off the oil in the oil pillow through the oil drain plug under the oil pillow, and wipe it with a dry cloth Allow dirty oil in the oil pillow to enter the oil tank.

  6. During the operation of the transformer, always pay attention to changes in oil level, oil temperature, voltage, and current, and analyze and deal with any abnormal conditions in time.

  7. Supervise the silica gel in the moisture absorber, and it should be replaced as soon as it gets wet. The silica gel in the moisture absorber can absorb moisture and protect the transformer. After moisture absorption, the color of the silica gel changes. At this time, a new dry silica gel needs to be replaced.

The end of the salt bath furnace transformer is pushed out to the terminal block for the power supply, and its tap is led to the tap switch. The low voltage is led out with bare copper conductive strips so as to connect with the salt bath furnace electrode. The transformer core-law uses a heart-shaped iron core, which is formed by stacking electrical silicon steel sheets, the iron pillar uses a multi-stage stepped circular cross section, and the iron yoke uses a rectangular cross section. On both sides of the upper and lower iron yokes, groove (angle) steel is used as a clamping member, and the iron core is compressed by clamping the yoke screw.