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The rapid development of mine thermal furnace transformers in China

In the 80 and 90 years, many domestic transformer factories invested a lot of money to introduce advanced technology and equipment of foreign mine furnace transformers, which enabled the rapid development of mine furnace transformers in China. The number of manufacturing plants has gradually increased from seven or eight at the beginning to dozens, and there are now thousands.

Transformers are important equipment for power distribution in the power grid. They mainly consist of two parts, a transmission transformer operating in the backbone grid and a distribution transformer operating in the terminal. Since the "Tenth Five-Year Plan", China's power demand has increased rapidly, and power supply has been tight. The high-speed construction from the national power grid and the government's investment in fixed assets have driven the market demand for power transmission and transformation equipment, giving companies engaged in power transmission and transformation equipment such as transformers great room for development. The great development brought great prosperity, and the huge power construction funds brought opportunities and challenges to the transformer industry, and the industry has experienced great development since the beginning.

Since the beginning of the   90 years, foreign companies have realized that China has such a huge transformer market, as well as preferential tax policies and cheap and skilled employees, and have come to China to establish joint ventures, and most of them have obtained controlling rights. They have already gained a lot of shares in the Chinese market and have made huge profits. We believe that under the strong promotion of power construction, the economic operation of the national transformer industry has maintained a good development trend. The transformer market demand mainly comes from two aspects: on the one hand, the high-speed increase in the installed capacity of power generation; on the other hand, the capacity ratio of substation equipment and power generation equipment has gradually recovered.

In the operation of the transformer, if it encounters short circuit, overload, excessive ambient temperature or insufficient cooling and ventilation, it will cause the transformer to overheat. Regarding the ore furnace transformer, its thermal balance function is poor, and the winding temperature exceeds the insulation withstand temperature to damage the insulation, which is the primary reason that the transformer cannot work normally.

The temperature control system of the transformer of the mine furnace is an important part of protection operation, which can effectively prevent the accident of excessive temperature rise of the transformer and can promote the scientific management of the substation, and complete the economic operation of the transformer by reducing the temperature. The reliability of its work and the ease of operation will directly affect its operating quality. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the operating temperature of the transformer winding, drive the fan to complete forced air cooling and alarm control.