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How to correctly understand the electric furnace transformer

If the loss of the transformer is not considered, the power consumed by the secondary load of an ideal transformer can be regarded as the electric power obtained by the primary from the power source.Electric furnace transformerThe secondary voltage can be changed by changing the number of turns of the secondary coil as needed, but the power allowed to be consumed by the load cannot be changed.

When the primary winding of the transformer is energized, the magnetic flux generated by the coil flows in the core, because the core itself is also a conductor, and a potential is induced in the plane perpendicular to the magnetic field line. It looks like a vortex so it is called "vortex". This "eddy current" increases the loss of the transformer and increases the temperature rise of the core heating transformer of the mine furnace transformer.

The loss caused by "eddy current" is called "iron loss". In addition, a large amount of copper wire is required to wind the transformer. These copper wires have resistance. When the current flows through the furnace transformer, this resistance will consume a certain amount of power. This part of the loss often becomes heat and is consumed. Copper loss ". Therefore, the temperature rise of the arc furnace transformer is mainly caused by iron loss and copper loss.

For electric furnace transformers, the core materials used are mainly iron sheets, low silicon sheets, and high silicon sheets. The participation of silicon in the steel sheet can reduce the conductivity of the steel sheet and increase the resistivity. We usually call the steel sheet with silicon added as silicon steel sheet. The quality of the silicon steel sheet used in the transformer has a great relationship. The quality of the silicon steel sheet is usually indicated by the magnetic flux density B. Well, the insulating lacquer layer has sufficient heat resistance, and it must have certain corrosion resistance.

In the winding transformer, the insulation between the coil structure layers and the insulation between the winding resistance should use insulating materials. The general transformer structure material can be made of phenolic paperboard, and the insulation between the layers can be made of polyester film or telephone paper. Can use yellow wax cloth for isolation. After the electric furnace transformer is wound, there is another process that is to impregnate the insulating paint, which can enhance the mechanical strength of the special transformer, improve the insulation function, and extend the service life. In general, cresol varnish can be used as the impregnating material.