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Single crystal silicon transformer equipment for ingot furnace

Single crystal silicon transformer equipment for ingot furnace

Product Details

Overview of single crystal silicon transformer in ingot furnace

The ingot furnace single crystal silicon transformer is a power transformer supporting the single crystal, polycrystalline silicon and ingot furnace of the solar photovoltaic industry. It is an extremely important intermediate product in the silicon industry chain. It has the advantages of good environmental protection, small size, light weight and beautiful appearance.

Special transformerFor modern humans, it is an indispensable device to ensure basic life and production. It uses professional technology to control the voltage to the required level, so that our electricity behavior becomes more controllable. Of course, it can be seen that the quality of the transformer is very important. Of course, it is inseparable from the efforts and careful production management of the transformer manufacturer. It is these characteristics that make them a trusted transformer brand in the eyes of people.

Model meaning

Instructions for ordering ingot furnace single crystal silicon transformer

  1, product model

  2, additional capacity

  3, high and low voltage extra voltage

  4, phase number

  5, frequency

  6, joint method

  7, enclosure protection level

  8 、 Low voltage outlet method