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Low-voltage high-current transformer equipment

Low-voltage high-current transformer equipment

Product Details

Overview of low-voltage high-current transformers

The low-voltage high-current transformer series is suitable for the continuous load test of electrical equipment such as switches, current transformers, diamonds, short-circuit heating with an additional frequency of 50 Hz for up-current and heating. Generally, voltage regulation needs to be added on the front side of the power supply to make the low-voltage side reach stepless voltage regulation.

A special zd special form of low-voltage high-current transformer blocking transformer, which is characterized by the primary (input) voltage is generally single-phase 220 V, {{{{{6}}}} V or three-phase { {{{6}}}} Volts, {{{{88}}}} Volts, 660 Volts, {{{{7}}} Volts, etc. (Output) Low-level voltage and large current to drive the load. Its secondary voltage varies according to the load current and resistance. The output is {{6}}. {{7} V , 3 V, {{7}} V, 6 V, 7 V, {{12}} V, {{{{10} }}} 2V, {{6}} {{7}} V, 24 V, 3 6 V and other voltages on the input power supply side The additional use of the installed voltage regulator can achieve the purpose of smooth and powerless pressure regulation

Type meaning

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  1, product type

  2, additional capacity

  3 High and low voltage voltages, such as ordering special low voltage transformers, can be proposed as special products.

Technical data of low-voltage high-current transformers