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Filter reactor

Filter reactor

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Filter reactor overview

The filter reactor is used in the low-voltage filter cabinet, which is connected in series with the filter capacitor and tuned to a certain resonance frequency to absorb the harmonic current of the corresponding frequency in the power grid. There are a large number of harmonic sources such as rectification, converter, and frequency conversion equipment in the low-voltage power grid, and the high-order harmonics generated by them will seriously endanger the safe operation of the main transformer and other electrical equipment in the system. After the filter reactor is connected in series with the capacitor, it can not only effectively absorb the harmonics of the power grid, but also improve the system power factor, and play a greater role in the safe operation of the system.

Reactor (Inductor), also called inductor, can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy and store it, resist the change of current, and has functions of current limiting and filtering.

As an important electronic component, the reactor can achieve current limiting and compensation. It is found in many appliances in daily life. Reactors are also called inductors, and we usually see air-core reactors and iron core reactors. Of course, our classification of reactors is not scientific, but it also reminds the difference of reactors. In fact, the reactor can be divided into parallel, series, tuning, incoming, current limiting, damping, arc suppression coil, smoothing reactor and so on.

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