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SZ 11 SFZ 11 on-load voltage regulation series

SZ 11 SFZ 11 on-load voltage regulation series

Product Details

The task of SZ 11, SFZ 11 on-load voltage-regulated power supply transformer is to directly supply power to the load center, and the primary side is directly connected to the main voltage grid (220 kV and above) To the regional power supply grid (35 ~ 11 0 kV). This type of transformer not only supplies power to the load, but also often supplies reactive power together, and generally has a large short-circuit impedance.

As the regional load changes, if there is no on-load voltage regulating transformer, the power supply bus voltage will change accordingly. Therefore, China's "Technical Guidelines for Power Systems (Trial)" stipulates that "for transformers of 110 kV and below, it is advisable to consider transformers with at least a first-stage voltage to select the method of voltage regulation with load".

Therefore, on the premise of completing the on-site balancing of the reactive power partition, the on-load voltage-regulating transformer directly supplying power to the power supply center, with the increase and decrease of the regional load, cooperate with the switching of the parallel compensation capacitor and low-voltage reactor of the reactive compensation equipment Adjust the tap to ensure the quality of power supply voltage to users at any time.

SZ 11, SFZ 11 on-load voltage regulation series model meaning

SZ 11 SFZ 11 on-load voltage regulation series (35 KV level) technical data