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S 11 No Excitation Regulator

S 11 No Excitation Regulator

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Overview of S 11 non-excited voltage regulator

Generally, power transformers are equipped with tap-changers, which can regulate voltage within a small range to meet the stability of the voltage on the output side of the transformer as much as possible when the grid voltage fluctuates. There are two ways:

  1, on-load voltage regulation: it can switch tap position automatically or manually when the transformer is under load. Because the switching is completed in an instant, it will not affect the normal operation, that is, the voltage can be adjusted without power failure on the primary and secondary sides.

  2, S 11 non-excited voltage regulator (sometimes mistakenly referred to as no-load voltage regulator): when both the primary and secondary sides are powered off and the isolation switch is turned on, Make sure that the transformer adjusts the tapping direction and adjusts the voltage when there is no electricity.

  3 In the past, it is likely that the version was translated from English No Load (on load) or On Load (on load), said to be no-load voltage regulation. This is inaccurate, and it is simply misunderstood as follows: the transformer can adjust the voltage when there is no right to load (current), regardless of whether the primary side is powered off. This is very dangerous. If there is no excitation voltage regulation, it is very accurate. The primary and secondary sides of the transformer should be powered off and operated without any excitation.

  4 Therefore, it is necessary for our professionals to change No-Load (no-load voltage regulation) to Off-Eirecuit-Tap-Changing (no-excitation voltage regulation).

S 11 No excitation voltage regulator model meaning

S 11 Non-excited voltage regulation series (10 KV level) technical data