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Marine transformer equipment

Marine transformer equipment

Product Details

  1. Overview of Marine Transformer

Marine transformers are used for power supply in coastal areas, ships, warships, and offshore drilling channels. In an environment where the relative humidity of the marine air is not more than 95%, condensation, oil mist, salt mist and mold, the vessel will sway ± 45 degrees during normal operation, with a period of 3-14 seconds, and the skew angle Under 15 degrees, it has a high degree of safety and reliability.

The core is carefully made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which can firmly fix the windings and reduce vibration to a very small level under the conditions of use. The winding is made of enameled wire, double glass fiber covered wire or composite insulated wire, and the insulation class is F or H. The transformer box is made of high-quality steel plate, which not only fully considers the air circulation in the structure, but also effectively prevents dripping and prevents rodents from entering the interior. The terminal block and the replacement terminal are inside the transformer box, and the incoming cable can be easily connected to the terminal block through the stuffing box on the left or right side of the box.

When repairing transformers, check the windings, wiring everywhere, and the touch of the brush. The contact between the winding and the brush can be treated with metallographic sandpaper, but it must be noted that the turn-to-turn insulation between the windings and the brush If you want to replace it, you should replace the brush with the same trademark and the same scale, and do not change the touch scale of the brush and the winding.

  2. Model meaning of marine transformer