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Phase shift filter transformer equipment

Phase shift filter transformer equipment

Product Details

  1. Overview of phase shift filter transformer

The phase-shifting filter transformer is connected to the main circuit for power supply, which can reach the purification power supply and filter the surge, instantaneous current, and high-order harmonics in the line. Effectively improve three-phase unbalance and improve power factor. Use in inductive loads can significantly reduce the current and improve the power factor. Therefore, the power quality of the system is improved, and the power loss caused by the eddy current and the weight of higher harmonics is greatly reduced.

  2. Use of phase shift filter transformer

This series of products are used in steelmaking, textile, chemical, mechanical processing, glass and other industries.

The transformer is a contact transformer, and the voltage is adjusted by sliding the brush on the winding of the autotransformer to change the number of turns of the secondary winding. The core of the single-phase small transformer is wound into a circle with a long silicon steel sheet, and three single-phase The transformers are combined together, and the three-phase transformer is made coaxial by adjusting the brushes, and the three-core oil-immersed three-phase transformer with larger capacity is made. It is also quite normal for the transformer to present problems during use, as long as the location of the problem is identified and repaired. There are various reasons for the failure of the transformer, which should be paid attention to by everyone.

  3. The meaning of the type of phase shift filter transformer