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Scott Transformer

Scott Transformer

Product Details

  1.Scott TransformerOverview

Scott transformer is a three-phase to two-phase transformer. The structural capacity of the low-voltage winding is the same as two general single-phase transformers of the same capacity. The transformer connected by Scott is a special transformer usually composed of two single-phase transformers.

  2. Purpose

This product is suitable for two single-phase load conditions.

  3. Structural features of Scott transformer

The transformer connected by Scott is usually composed of two single-phase transformers. By connecting the end of the high-voltage winding of one transformer to the center of another high-voltage winding, a three-phase high-voltage winding with a “T” junction can be formed. Each low-voltage winding is a simple single-phase winding, and there is no electrical connection between them. Their voltage and current are the same as the general single-phase transformer. However, each high-voltage winding and current is different from a general single-phase transformer.

Every part and every port of the transformer must be unwired. Various wiring methods and wiring techniques have an effect on the operation of the transformer itself. Once the transformer wiring is wrong, it will affect the use of the transformer As a result, there is a danger of safety, and the result is unimaginable. The fundamental safety of the transformer and the operation of the wiring must be cautious and careful, and must be careful, correct and standard operation.

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