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Three-phase isolation transformer

Three-phase isolation transformer

Product Details

  1. Overview of three-phase blocking transformer

The three-phase blocking transformer is planned by our company for industrial and mining enterprises. It is suitable for power supply blocking transmission and distribution and other occasions.

Blocking transformer (IsolaTIon transformer), commonly known as safety transformer, refers to the transformer with electrical blocking between the input winding and the output winding. It is a transformer used to resist two or more coupled circuits. The blocking transformer is generally used for machine repair and maintenance, and it plays the role of maintenance, lightning protection and filtering to avoid occasionally touching the charged body at the same time. The transformer blocks the current of the windings of the primary and secondary sides. In the early days, the blocking transformer was used in the power industry in Europe. It is widely used in the electronic industry or industrial and mining enterprises, power supply for general circuit control in machine tools and mechanical equipment, power supply for safety lighting and indicator lights.

  2. Type meaning

Instructions for ordering three-phase blocking transformers

  1, product type

  2, additional capacity

  3, high and low voltage

  4, connection group

  5, impedance voltage

Technical data of three-phase blocking transformer: