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Thyristor voltage regulator

Thyristor voltage regulator

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Overview of thyristor voltage regulator

KT series thyristor voltage regulator is a main circuit, control circuit, reaction circuit, maintenance circuit in one. Power control of heating elements such as silicon carbide, molybdenum disilicide, iron chromium, iron chromium aluminum, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, etc., to achieve the purpose of accurate temperature control. Widely used in smelting, vacuum, heat treatment, electronics, glass and other industries.

Thyristor voltage regulator: It is a kind of power control electric appliance which is based on thyristor (power electronic power device) and special control circuit as the core. Referred to as thyristor power regulator. Also called thyristor power regulator, thyristor voltage regulator, thyristor regulator, thyristor power regulator, thyristor regulator, with high efficiency, no mechanical noise and wear, fast response speed, small size, light weight advantage.

Working characteristics of thyristor voltage regulator

The thyristor voltage regulator selects the phase-shift trigger method to complete the stepless adjustment of the voltage. The output voltage adjustment scale is relatively wide, generally 0-98% of the rated input voltage. It has the functions of soft start, soft shutdown, constant current, current limiting and phase loss maintenance, load disconnection maintenance, over current maintenance, over temperature maintenance and other functions.