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Mine transformer equipment

Mine transformer equipment

Product Details

  1. Overview

Mining transformers are divided into general type and flameproof type. The general type is used in places where coal dust and biogas are in the mine without blasting, electric towing and lighting. Flameproof transformers are used in mines where there is a risk of blasting. This transformer is dry.

The mine transformer is used to change the size of the communication voltage. It is suitable for mines with methane mixed gas and coal dust and other blasting risks. Convert 6 KV, 10 KV power to 400 (380), 6 93 (6 6 0), 1200 (1140), 3450 (3300) V Low-voltage power supply required underground in coal mines. The shell of mining transformer is full corrugated, with two-end open cover and upper open cover structure, which has the advantages of high mechanical strength, low temperature rise and good heat dissipation. The iron core is made of high-quality low-loss silicon steel sheet, which has low no-load loss, low no-load current and low noise. Adopt Class H insulation material and advanced insulation structure, good thermal stability, can continue to operate at full load under high temperature.

  2. The meaning of mining transformer model

  3. Mining transformer skill data (general type)

  4. Mining transformer skill data (explosion-proof type)

  5. Skill data (explosion-proof mobile)