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Silicon carbon rod glass float bath tin furnace transformer equipment

Silicon carbon rod glass float bath tin furnace transformer equipment

Product Details

  1. Overview

The silicon carbon rod (glass float bath tin) furnace transformer is designed by our company for the silicon carbon rod electric furnace and is suitable for dry power isolation.

  2. Purpose

Silicon carbon rod (glass float bath) furnace power supply for transformer silicon carbon rod furnace (glass float bath).

  3. Structural characteristics

During the use of the silicon carbon rod heating body, the resistance value increases with the increase of use time. This phenomenon is called aging. The aging of the rod should be regarded as a normal phenomenon. After the aging of the rod, the furnace temperature will be reduced. In order to work normally To improve the service life of silicon carbon rods, select the output voltage of the conditioning transformer to meet the working voltage of silicon carbon rods, and the conditioning fluctuation can reach 2 — 3 times.

Transformer right and wrong are often a kind of electrical equipment. Regarding the transformer, its composition is relatively complicated, and the principle is also relatively complicated. The working principle of many time-division transformers is also to be understood by us. There are many ways of transformers, the principle of composition and the working process are relatively complicated, and the use of transformers should be enhanced to promote the continuous improvement of the functions and efficiency of transformers.

  4. Model meaning

  5. Technical data