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Common faults of salt bath furnace transformers

During the storage, transportation or operation and maintenance of transformer insulating oil, if the quality of the oil is poor or the impurities and moisture are too much, the insulation strength of the transformer will be reduced. When the insulation strength is reduced to a certain value, it will cause a short circuit of the transformer, causing sparks, arcs or dangerous temperatures.

If the coil or load of the salt bath electric furnace transformer is short-circuited, the transformer needs to accept a very large short-circuit current; if the maintenance system fails or the maintenance setting is too large, it may burn the transformer. Therefore, a reliable short-circuit maintenance device must be installed to maintain a good ground.

Regarding the low-voltage system with maintenance zero connection, the center point of the low-voltage side of the transformer should be directly grounded; when the three-phase load is unbalanced, current will occur on the zero line. When this current is too large and the touch resistance is large, the contact will have a high temperature, igniting the surrounding combustible materials.

The reason why the copper bar of the salt bath furnace transformer is damaged due to the contact with the electrode:

  1. The electrode and copper bar have bad touch, the local temperature is too high, oxidative corrosion;

  2. The power is turned on and off frequently, and the local current is concentrated, resulting in corrosion of electrical isolation.

The sweeping method of the burnt-out place of the copper row and the electrode of the salt bath furnace transformer fault:

  1. The electrode and copper bar touch area should be smooth and the touch is good;

  2. The electrode part where it touches the uranium row can be opened to circulate cooling water, but the water cannot drip into the furnace;

  3. Other parts of the copper bar can be painted and maintained.

The salt bath furnace transformer refers to an industrial furnace that uses molten salt liquid as a heating medium to immerse the workpiece in the salt liquid for heating (the metal electrode can be heated in the salt liquid). According to the working temperature of the furnace, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, barium chloride, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate and other salts are usually selected as the heating medium. The heating speed of the salt bath furnace is fast and the temperature is uniform.