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Start ingress

Start ingress

Product Details

Overview of starter reactors

This product is used to limit the starting current of the motor. It is suitable for three-phase induction motor for buck start-up. This product is an in-house device, the ambient temperature is not higher than the altitude of more than 1000 meters.

Start-up reactor features

1.qksg type dry core starting reactor iron core using high-quality imported cold-rolled silicon steel chip, core column by a number of air gap dividend uniform small section, air gap using epoxy plate as a barrier, and the use of high temperature high-strength adhesive, to ensure that the air gap in the reactor operation does not change.

2. The iron core end surface adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet end surface glue, so that the silicon steel sheet is firmly combined, greatly reduces the noise in operation, and has better corrosion resistance.

3. Coil wrap structure, coil main insulation using fiberglass impregnated epoxy resin, hot baking and curing in a vacuum to withstand high temperature insulation paint, the coil not only good insulation performance, and high mechanical strength, can withstand the motor start-up of large current shock and hot and cold shock without cracking.

Start-up reactor model meaning

What to know about ordering starting reactors

The product model, start-up capacity rating and impedance value must be indicated when ordering.

Technical data for starting reactors