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Series reactor

Series reactor

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Series reactorOverview

CKS series reactors and capacitor banks are used in combination with inrush currents and overcurrents caused by high-order harmonics when restraining capacitor combination gates in power networks. It has a good effect on the safe operation of capacitors and improving the quality of the power grid.

EHV series reactors have various functions and functions to improve the operating conditions of reactive power in power systems, mainly including:

(1) Capacitive effect on light no-load or light-load lines to reduce power frequency transient overvoltage.

(2) Improve voltage distribution on long transmission lines.

(3) Make the reactive power in the line as lightly balanced as possible to prevent unreasonable activity of the reactive power? Together, it also reduces the power loss on the line.

(4) When large units are side-by-side with the system, reduce the power frequency steady-state voltage on the high-voltage bus to facilitate generators side by side at the same time.

(5) Prevent the self-excited resonance phenomenon that the generator belt long line may present.

(6) When the neutral point of the reactor is selected through the small reactance grounding device, the small reactor can also be used to compensate the phase-to-phase and phase-to-phase capacitance of the line to speed up the automatic subsidence of the potential supply current, which is convenient for selection.

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