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SZ 11 on-load voltage regulation series

SZ 11 on-load voltage regulation series

Product Details

Power electronic component switches have the advantages of frequent on-off, no sparks, and long life, so they can be used as on-load voltage regulating tap-changers for distribution transformers. The traditional power electronic switch trigger circuit has electrical isolation problems. Applying optical fiber communication skills to medium and high voltage trigger control systems can effectively solve the high and low voltage electrical isolation problems.

The contactless on-load automatic voltage regulation distribution transformer tap-changer SCR (on and off) is controlled by the control system, and the normal operation of the control system requires the distribution transformer to provide power. Before power-on, the transformer does not output voltage, so a starting circuit must be designed so that the neutral point of the high-voltage side is connected to the 1 component connector before or during power-on, and the transformer is put into operation. After the transformer is powered on, the output voltage on the low voltage side is operated. After the control system is put into operation, the starting circuit is automatically withdrawn.

The SZ 11 on-load voltage regulation adopts the battery starting method, which has the advantages of simple circuit and easy implementation, but when the transformer leaves the factory or the power outage exceeds {{1}} h, the battery starting scheme has low reliability . The method of starting the normally closed contact of the independent branch communication contactor before connecting the transformer to the neutral point and the 1 component joint between them is simple, but the coil of the communication contactor is connected to the transformer On the low voltage side, the contact is connected to the high voltage side, and its withstand voltage cannot meet the requirements of high and low voltage electrical isolation. At the same time, the energized inrush current can easily damage the contact, resulting in unreliable starting.

Model meaning

SZ 11 on-load voltage regulation series (10 KV level) technical data