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Oil-immersed power transformer

Oil-immersed power transformer

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Oil immersed power transformer load China standard GB 1094 "power transformer" and GB / T 6451 "technical parameters and requirements of three-phase oil immersed power transformer". On-load voltage regulation scale: {{{2}} ± {{3}} × 2. {{5}}% kV, 3 { {5}} ± 3 × 2. {{5}}% kV, scale of voltage regulation without excitation: {{2}} ± { {4}} × 2. {{5}}% kV, 3 {{5}} ± 2 × 2. {{5}}% kV, the voltage can be adjusted manually, electrically or automatically on the primary side by means of on-load and non-excited voltage regulation switches to ensure the stability of the output voltage.

The body of the oil-immersed power transformer is selected from three positions: upper, middle and lower and special anti-loosening and anti-vibration measures, so thatThree-phase isolation transformerBefore installation, it is unnecessary to check the hanging core, and it has shockproof function. The oil tank is made of high-quality steel plate, and the mechanical strength is high, and the rubber strip and rubber pad are made of high-quality acrylic ester products.

We all know that oil-immersed transformers work with oil-immersed transformer oil. Oil-immersed transformer oil is an important power and fuel for oil-immersed transformers. The power and starting of oil-immersed transformers are very Important.

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