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SF 11 S 11 voltage regulation without excitation

SF 11 S 11 voltage regulation without excitation

Product Details

Excitation is a device that supplies a constant power supply to a generator or a synchronous motor stator.

The SF 11 S 11 non-excited voltage regulation can be divided into other excitation, parallel excitation, series excitation, complex excitation, etc. according to the different excitation methods of DC motor. It is to control the voltage of the stator to change the magnetic field it generates, change the speed of the DC motor, and change the excitation to play the role of changing the speed.

main function

  1 Keep the generator terminal voltage at a given value, when the generator load changes,Mine furnace transformerBy adjusting the strength and weakness of the magnetic field to stabilize the terminal voltage back.

  2, reasonable distribution of reactive power distribution between units operating side by side.

  3 Improve the stability of the power system, including static stability, transient stability and dynamic stability.

The SF 11 S 11 non-excited voltage regulating switch does not have the ability to shift with load, because this tap changer has a short-term disconnection process during the gear shifting process. The load current will cause arcing between the contacts to burn out the tap-changer or short circuit, so the transformer must be powered off when adjusting the gear. Therefore, it is generally used for transformers that do not have strict voltage requirements and do not need to be frequently adjusted.

Model meaning

SF 11, S 11 non-excited voltage regulation series (35 KV level) technical data