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S 11 M non-excitation voltage regulating transformer

S 11 M non-excitation voltage regulating transformer

Product Details

Overview of S11-M series without voltage regulation

S11-M no-excitation voltage regulation refers to no-load voltage regulation, which can be adjusted only when the transformer is not charged.

Low-loss non-excited voltage-regulating transformers and three-phase on-load voltage-regulating transformers (dry-type transformers) refer to the voltage regulation method of the transformer tap-changer, the difference is that the low-loss non-excited voltage-regulating transformer voltage switch does not have a gear conversion switch. Because of the short-term disconnection process of this tap changer in the shifting process, disconnecting the load current will form an arc between the contacts and burn out the tap changer or short circuit, so it is necessary to make the transformer power failure.

Therefore, it is generally used for transformers that have less strict voltage requirements and do not need to be frequently adjusted. The three-phase on-load voltage-regulating transformer tap-changer can switch gears with a load. Since the on-load tap-changer does not have a short-time disconnection process during the gear shifting process, it transitions from a gear to a gear after a transition resistance transition. In another gear, there is no arcing process when the load current is disconnected.

S11-M No Excitation Voltage Regulation Series Type Meaning

Skill data of S11-M non-excited voltage regulation series (10 KV level)