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SCB 10 epoxy resin dry series

SCB 10 epoxy resin dry series

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Overview of SCB 10 epoxy resin dry series

SCB 10 series transformers are made of glass fiber reinforced thin insulating resin under vacuum. After curing, they form a solid whole with high mechanical strength, small partial discharge, flame retardant, explosion-proof, moisture-proof, environmental protection, and temperature resistance , Non-cracking, safe and reliable operation, small size, light weight, easy installation, protection-free dry-type transformer. Especially suitable for power plants, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, theaters, laboratories, oil drilling channels, ships, ports, stations, airports, petrochemical plants, underground railways, underground mines and other important places.

Temperature is a concept of external environment. The environment in which the dry-type transformer operates is also affected and limited by temperature. Without a good temperature, it is impossible to make the dry-type transformer operate well. Regarding the temperature of the dry-type transformer , Not only affects the operation of dry-type transformers, but also affects the service life of dry-type transformers, so it is necessary to correctly grasp the temperature of dry-type transformers and operate dry-type transformers at an appropriate temperature, which is conducive to Increase the service life of dry-type transformers.

SCB 10 epoxy resin dry series type meaning

SCB 10 Epoxy resin dry series (10 KV level) skill data skill data