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SGB10-H dry series

SGB10-H dry series

Product Details

Overview of SG (B) 10-H dry series

The SG (B) 10 series of non-encapsulated dry-type transformers are new products with environmental protection, energy saving, and safety concepts, using NOMEX insulation materials produced by DuPont,Marine transformerThe high and low voltage windings are made of oxygen-free, high-conductivity electromagnetic copper wires, carefully designed continuous, foil structure and vacuum pressure dipping paint treatment process (VPI), so that the partial discharge is small, and during the entire lifetime There is no cracking and no drop in insulation level.

The whole vacuum impregnation and high temperature curing treatment, and the use of high-strength ceramic support, has a good ability to withstand sudden short-circuit current. The H-grade heat-resistant insulation grade coil is very high and allows the operating temperature to be 180 ° C, while the main insulation material is C-grade (heat-resistant up to 220 ° C) NOMEX paper, with sufficient design margin . The product can be installed in a dirty and humid environment and in areas with high fire requirements and heavy loads. It has the characteristics of high reliability, good safety performance, good environmental protection, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, etc. Widely used in high-rise buildings, airports, subways, docks, petrochemicals, densely populated areas, nuclear power plants and other places.

Type meaning of SG (B) 10-H dry type series

SG (B) 10-H level dry series (10 KV level) skill data